Pencil to Pencil

Reality desk set by Harry Allen

Reality desk set by Harry Allen

I often use the expression “apples to apples” when discussing the mundane similarities between two subjects. These days, I’m not a fan of matchy matchy. And I especially dislike the lack of open mindedness by some people. I’m sure you’re reading this thinking, “he has issues.” Perhaps. However, I’m a flexible individual and I’m finding that apples to apples might work in some cases as seen here.

Check out the clever and artistic desk set by industrial designer Harry Allen. Taking ordinary office objects and casting them in white resin for a unique and unexpected answer to the typical office accessories. The trio make for a stunning display of contemporary art for your work surface. How brilliant, a stand of business cards for business cards, pencils for a pencil tray and the playful rubber band ball for a paper weight. The collection is one simple and sophisticated way to express a sense of humor. I especially like the balanced nature of this set, suitable for both men and woman. Try using this on a dark surface or near the infamous black corporate Meridien phone.

Take a look at Allen’s award-winning work by visiting his firm’s web site at

You can purchase the desk set at the MOMA Store by clicking

The set is also available in gun metal gray through other various outlets.

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