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Retro Pens by Kikkerland

Retro Pens by Kikkerland

There’s a song from Dimitri From Paris off his US debut Sacrebleu titled Une Very Stylish Fille that continues to play in my head while looking at these fantastic retro inspired plastic pens. The set of five black ink ball points from one of my favorite accessory shop, Kikkerland, is a must have. Avoid the drawer or cup full of Papermate pens provided by your local Staples. I will admit that even the Bic clear standard has improved its looks, but I’m such a fan of really unique pens, from the trés expensive to the cheap. Strategically positioned on the desk, these pens make for a nice statement without actual writing.

The fascination with pens stems back to my youth when I played “office” with my cousins and neighbors. It was such a faux-pas to have a pen in grade school when lettering was conducted with a clunky crayon. Why call it penmanship when you are taught first with a pencil? Frankly, I love writing and I especially enjoy notetaking during long exaggerated production meetings. At the end of the discussion, I’m back to the grind on my computer, typing away, longing for the cursive art of my own handwritten work. But enough of my neurotic issues.

I discovered these pens at one of my favorite gift shops in Los Angeles. Clover is located at 2756 Rowena Avenue in Silver Lake. Be sure to visit them if ever in the area.

You can also order them directly through Kikkerland’s online shop for $8.


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