Mission Control – Home Habitat Desk

Steelcase Turnstone Home Habitat desk in Walnut

Steelcase Turnstone Home Habitat desk in Walnut

Well, does it really need to be said that the most important item to consider when devising a workplace solution, either home or office, should be the desk. I know that in most cases, this selection process is beyond our control. When hired to work for a company, the setting is already established. I do know of some unusual incidents where law firms today will provide an allowance for a partner to design his/her own space. I also know that many entrepreneurs and home office professionals prefer to have a dedicated space for conducting business. And for those of you who find an opportunity to start a full business operation with the need for professional furniture, first and foremost, let’s review your budget.

I’ve been fortunate to work in office environments that had custom and contract furniture installed for the staff. The beautiful combination of sleek work surfaces and well-crafted cabinets is a luxury most of us take for granted. I learned this lesson when handed the task to project manage and design the office space for my last employer. If I only knew what I know now. We negotiated some amazing deals for a business as small as ours, but still came well over budget.

We could have saved a fortune if I knew about this product by the contract giant Steelcase. From their Turnstone division, Home Habitat is a simple, yet elegant L-shape configuration desk, perfect for private offices and open workstations. The desk features a work surface that is 30″x 72″ with an 18″ wide pedestal file cabinet and a return desk measuring 24″ x 48″, providing an additional 8/sf of space. Available in three laminate choices, my favorite is the Chocolate Walnut; it reminds me of the mid-century office furniture Steelcase and Knoll produced for many large-scale clients. Arctic White is great for a streamlined look and the Winter on Maple is a crisp contemporary design – both work great for spaces that have little light.

What’s truly brilliant about Home Habitat is the price. You are receiving a well-constructed, well-designed contract furniture item for under $1,000. Dully noted, $899 is still a heafty price tag for someone just starting their small business or setting up a home office. However, I strongly believe in quality and you’ll find nothing less from a company like Steelcase. Furthermore, the design by Kirt Martin is timeless and will be a wise investment for your work needs.

I can easily picture this collection at use for a small boutique PR shop, a marketing firm, accounting office, or in the third bedroom that now sits as a home office for a real estate broker or graphic artist. In my case, it would have worked perfectly for a fledgling magazine. Whatever the job is, this desk is a great looking item that will impress. The collection lends itself to designing the space without having to do much more to the workplace. For anyone just starting out, think about the place you’re conducting work and make sure it provides a strong foundation for production. After all, this is mission control, right? The base that will send you on assignment and guide you back home.

Home Habitat in Arctic White

Home Habitat in Arctic White

Home Habitat in the color Winter on Maple

Home Habitat in the color Winter on Maple

Home Habitat is available at http://store.steelcase.com/go/products/detail/B-Home-Habitat/. It ships within 3–4 weeks.

For more information about its designer, Kirt Martin, visit http://www.turnstonefurniture.com/about/kirt.aspx.


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