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The World of Corporate Interiors

From Shaw Contract's Design Awards

From Shaw Contract's Design Awards

I thought you might find some interest in recent corporate interior projects that are currently up for Shaw Contract’s Design Is…Award. As I’ve mentioned before, I think office design is just as important as designing your own home. After all, you’ll spend more “awake” hours on the job than at your house.

As a kid, I fantasized about working in a skyscraper and dreamt what the place would look like. Little did I know that I’d some day work for one of today’s preeminent interior architects specializing in office environments. It was like working for a living legend, like the ranks of Florence Knoll. My office was prestine. White walls that floated off the ground, stainless steel accents, Calcutta marble, glass partitions, chocolate walnut furniture, custom workstations…it was awesome. It was indeed a sad day when I left the firm to help launch a magazine with my dining room opting as our base. I did find a way to take a cue of the corporate lifestyle to my new job. When overseeing the design construction of the new office space, I tried to recreate a cheaper version of the flagship.

Now, I call our guest room my office and it is quite different from the glory days of the corporate madness. Even though it’s a home office, I try to treat it like a loaned space that inspires productivity. Hopefully, you have a desk that fosters the same.

Go to Shaw’s web site to preview a sampling of corporate America and then rethink the way you currently work.



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