Smokestack Boom Box

LaCie USB Speakers designed by Neil Poulton

LaCie USB Speakers designed by Neil Poulton

If you have a need for computer speakers, do your due diligence and research your options. You’ll be amazed by the vast selection of some really cool products out there. You may have to search hard, but you may find something better than what I select here. Again, I’m insisting that you check out LaCie’s selective inventory of design-conscious hardware like these USB speakers from the brilliant creative mind of Neil Poulton. I really like the nautical smokestack influence with its nice retro modern flair.

The cables are hidden below the speakers to keep things tidy. Connect to the computer for plug and play, no need for batteries or AC adapter. Use these to play some soft playing BGM (background music) during the day or celebrate an exhausting deadline by cranking up the sound to some Kool and The Gang. I’m sure you’ll get plenty of worth from these great companion unit for your computer..

As for the creator, Neil Poulton is a Scottish-born product designer living in Paris. He has several items available through LaCie, as well as award-winning products for Sony and Apple.  For more info about Poulton, visit his very simple web site at

The USB Speakers are reasonably priced at $29.99 and can be ordered directly from LaCie at

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