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Pennies For Your Thoughts – Aaron Bros Frames

Signature Collection from Aaron Brothers

Signature Collection from Aaron Brothers

The Penny Sale returned to Aaron Brothers last week, making it the perfect time to address the issue of art for your home and/or corporate office. I will be posting some specific ideas about custom, cheap artwork for your space in the near future, but for now, I wanted to get you the news about the sale since the company does not publish end dates.

Imagine a wall with a grid of frames, perhaps a total of nine perfectly aligned with pictures of your family vacations, amateur still shots, or news clippings of your work. Simple enough, right? Now imagine the price. Expensive! You can practically save half the cost for a project such as this with the Aaron Bros’ sale. I really like the Signature Collection that runs approximately $20 for an 11″x14″ format. Make a statement with a large scale concept or streamline the intent with a pair of complementary images that can be positioned only a couple of inches from each other.

While attempting to frame some memories, just keep in mind to have a solid theme so that the images look more like art than random snapshots at the last big party. I already have several ideas for you that will make for a few upcoming posts. Hung artwork is a quick and easy way to add some life to a usual sterile office. Take a leap and let me know what you decided to frame. Afterall, with a sale like this, we have pennies for your thoughts.

Check with your local Aaron Brothers for sale details. www.aaronbrothers.com

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