Sweet Sticks – Room Diffusers

Sweet Water Aroma Sticks by Method

Sweet Water Aroma Sticks by Method

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me!” How many times did your mother tell you that as a kid? I always knew it was one big lie. Words hurt and at times can be sharp like a knife. I’m sure in today’s workplace, you have to deal with obnoxious, power hungry idiots who made their way up the corporate ladder and we are all left wondering how and why. I was reminded of this recently with the painful and stressful story of such an issue with a loved one and the designated nightmare of a manager. I detest individuals who believe in breaking down their team rather than building them up. I can’t offer words of advice on how to mitigate the situation (actually, I tried and it didn’t go over too well), but I can empathize and suggest that you create a calming environment for your office since you will most likely retreat to your desk in a fluster and try to regroup and compose yourself. Other than some light BGM (background music) that can help change your mood, you can also employ the use of relaxing scents in the office.

Unlike those of us with a home office and the freedom to light a wick, candles are typically forbidden in a corporate building due to city codes and zoning. You can still add some long-lasting scents to your area with plug-in fresheners, air sprays, and my favorite, room diffusers. An economical choice is one from Method, the eco-conscience and design savvy home care suppliers. Their Aroma Sticks not only provide a strong, ambient fragrance in your workspace, but also adds a great contemporary flair to your accessories. The white ceramic vase is a great accent piece for your desk with contrasting chocolate colored sticks that diffuse the oils. I especially like the Sweet Water scent for its simplistic and clean smell, suitable for a man or woman’s desk.

Method has several other aroma specific products that can be used for work. Pick a scent that’s not too overwhelming. Find something that will provide a sense of calm. Remember, take a deep breath and try to find alternate ways to release the stress for the day. Words do break us at times, but sweet sticks can help diffuse the pain.

Method’s products can be found at most major retailers. Visit their web site for their entire collection. The Aroma Sticks sell for $15 and can be ordered directly from the company. www.methodhome.com


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