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Vanity Project

Yves Saint Laurent's Telephone Table (Vanity Fair, Jan. 09)

Yves Saint Laurent's Telephone Table (Vanity Fair, Jan. 09)

I often tear pages from magazines for thoughts and inspiration and file them as such. This example is from Vanity Fair’s January 2009 story about Yves Saint Laurent, his homes and amazing art collection that was being assembled for an estate auction. The entire spread was incredible. The amount of detail and finesse applied to the designer’s living space was beyond decorating. It was quite simply put…art. You can immediately see that the legendary man was inspired by so many intricate items in his home that his lifestyle embodied the total brand he created in the 60s.

Art comes in so many different forms, but I can’t dismiss the simple gesture of one’s own initials used to create an ever-lasting identity. The YSL logo that was hand-lettered by artist Cassandre in 1961 is beautifully framed and situated on Saint.Laurent’s telephone table. There’s something quite distinct and sophisticated with the ultra thin san serif font drawn on parchment, with a linen colored matte and black gloss frame. I look at this image and think about the importance of staying true to your own brand and embrace the entrepreneur spirit in all of the smallest tasks at hand. The logo for the french fashion house is iconic. It’s truly a piece of art that makes for a grand impact.

Last week, I mentioned that I would have some ideas about DIY artwork for your office and would present them over the course of several posts. With the ongoing Aaron Bros sale, you can easily find a similar frame that will provide you with the opportunity to create your own logo artwork. Honestly, if you think you can make the attempt, I love hand-drawn fonts such as the YSL piece above. But, if you’re a bit “sketchy” with the pen and paper, then try mimicking the initials on the computer and then print it out on nice Strathmore cotton paper. I think you’ll be amazed how subtle the fonts take on an artistic quality that truly provides value to your frame. This is an easy way to break away from traditional pictures in your office and really provides a sense of pride for your own name and brand.

Yes, I know it’s a vanity project, but at times, it’s bold and nice to proclaim your confidence.


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