Call Me – Letterpress Business Cards

$95 letterpress business cards by The Mandate Press

$95 letterpress business cards by The Mandate Press

Even if you have a work-issued business card, you might want to invest in a personal calling card for those impromptu chance meetings at happy hour, or to give a colleague direct contact information when moonlighting. Whatever the case might be, I’m a true believer in a very clean looking card that is timeless and polished. As I have stated before, letterpress is a beautiful way of adding a sophisticated feel to a rather simplistic design. Typically, letterpress is a rather expensive process when ordering stationery, but fear not. Just like the Thank You cards from Target, you can order custom letterpress business cards from The Mandate Press for $95.

Choose from nine templates of ready-made artwork of clean, streamlined designs you can use for your calling cards or opt for uploading your own creation. Whatever you decide, you get one box of 250 cards for under 100 bucks. The limitations, if you want to call it that, is the single use of black ink on a white cotton card stock. If interested in a more complicated designs, possibly with the use of color, you can contact the printers online for an estimate. Regardless, the process is effortless and you’ll have your cards in a week.

Try James Bond as shown above, or for something unique, I really like Kahlo. And you definitely can’t go wrong with The Aristocrat.

Kahlo letterpress card by The Mandate Press

Kahlo letterpress card by The Mandate Press

Artistocrat template by The Mandate Press

Artistocrat template by The Mandate Press

The Mandate Press is a small production house based in Salt Lake City, Utah. They are very design-savvy and willing to assist with your needs. When I ordered my cards last year, I decided to create my own artwork and submit a PDF. With the exchange of a few e-mails to verify the art and cut of the cards, I now have a small piece of artwork to distribute whenever I’m asked for my info. Additionally, the b&w cards sit eloquently on my black desk, further enhancing my desk theme.

Impress your friends, peers and potential freelance clients with a very unstated, professional card. Order you set today at .


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3 responses to “Call Me – Letterpress Business Cards

  1. Anna

    Mike, I love these business cards! Very chic and simple. Something that those of us who are ‘in the job market’ could use when networking. Better than scribbling your details on the back of someone else’s card. The Mandate Press link didn’t work when I tried it, FYI.

  2. lifeinspanglish

    I’m torn between Bond and the Aristocrat. I love the simplicity of Bond but maybe it’s too masculine for me. Thanks for the link, very useful!

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