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Who’s The Fairest of All?

Aluminum mirrors from CB2

Aluminum mirrors from CB2

I’m not really vain, at least I don’t think so, but I do have a mirror hung above my desk. Hear me out. In Victorian times, mirrors were perched throughout the house to reflect natural light and the flicker of a candle. Some mirrors were convexed to provide optimal reflection in a room, especially when positioned above the fireplace. In a similar fashion, I like the idea of reflecting light in the office to provide more natural light. You can do this in either office – home or business. Plus, the added benefit of checking how you look before leaving for a meeting, especially when you’re accustomed to eating lunch at the desk, is priceless.

Honestly, I’d try to find a guilded, antique finish mirror from a flee market and make a bold statement above your desk. But if you shy away from grand gestures, then try these mirrors from CB2. Aluminum circle mirrors in varying sizes, the set of five is great for a contemporary arrangement. Priced just under $60, you can order them direct from their online store at www.cb2.com .


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