Sit You!

Setu Chair from Herman Miller

Setu Chair from Herman Miller

In the world of contract furnishing, there seems to be a new chair design every minute. I’m not sure if anything has topped Herman Miller’s Aeron chair in the ’90s (it’s the chair I have for my desk), but I think they have produced something that might just be their next big sensation. The Setu chair is quite revolutionary. It requires no tilt or twists of knobs for lumbar support or reclining. With its innovative spine construction and elastomeric fabric, the chair flexes, bends, suspends and contours to the users body. It conforms to your needs without having to make subtle tweaks and adjustments.

Available in five frame colors and 12 different fabrics, the Setu can be ordered with castors or, as I would prefer, glides for a stationary function that can easily act as a lounge chair. And yes, there is an available ottoman to complete the set.

Setu Chair in Slate Grey

Setu Chair in Slate Grey

Setu Chair w/o arms in Studio White

Setu Chair w/o arms in Studio White

Studio 7.5 from Berlin designed the chair. I love how they took a cue from my favorite Eames chair, the Aluminum Group Chairs, yet remain progressive and sleek through the technology. To learn more about the creative designers, visit their brilliant site at .

The chair starts at $650 depending on the configuration – arms, no arms, lounge chair, guest, etc. You can retrieve more information, including how to acquire the chair at .


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