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Executive Sweet – Office of L.A. Reid

Def Jam Chairman L.A. Reid's office (GQ, 11/08)

Def Jam Chairman L.A. Reid's office (GQ, 11/08)

There’s a lot to learn from Def Jam Chairman L.A. Reid. Not only did he work his way from the ground up as a struggling musician to the head of R&D, but reinvented himself as a power executive with the Midas touch…almost literally. His artists have gold and platinum records and he is consistently praised for having the ear for picking today’s hits. He also has an impeccable eye for details and his office is proof of it. Last year (11/08), GQ featured Reid’s Manhattan executive suite for their design primer. Kudos to them for selecting such a polished and sophisticated office to profile.

L.A. Reid's office (GQ 11/08)

L.A. Reid's office (GQ 11/08)

Some things to take note. The desk functions as a conference table with the credenza being utilized as the functioning place for Reid’s computer. This is a great idea for someone who conducts meetings at their desk and needs plenty of space. On the table, a few silver boxes and small accent pieces, including a mint julep cup for pens, make for a stunning and eclectic collection.

Orchids are great for any office. Reid considers them to be “the closest thing to having a hot girl around.”

A collection of b&w photography is placed in the corner of the office near the “lounge” where business negotiations are conducted. The arrangement of furniture, a sofa with two lounge chairs perfectly positioned in a L-configuration with a well-appointed coffee table makes more for a “living room” feel than a cold place for discussing contracts. I’m not positive, but I’m pretty sure that the furniture is HBF, from Barbara Barry’s collection.

The color palette, chocolate brown with cream and white accents.

And most importantly, a drawer full of Reid’s favorite cigars.

Now tell me, isn’t this office a sweet suite? I don’t think I’d be complaining to work if my place of business looked this good. Now do the same for yourself.


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