Mag in the Box – Magazine Holders

Box of Stockholm magazine holders at The Container Store

Box of Stockholm magazine holders at The Container Store

I love magazines. It’s the reason why I left a great job to help launch a new title that spanned three years (a success in the world of publishing). A trick I learned was asking people what magazines they read. You can learn a lot about a person by their subscriptions. Mine include Vanity Fair (aspiring), GQ (mens fashion and lifestyle), Details (gay), Portfolio (high-brow business, RIP), Domino (urban design, again RIP), and Travel + Leisure (hopeful vacations) – all share a theme of luxury, but I suppose one could also think of it as excess and opulence. Trust me, I’m neither rich nor privileged, but love the fine things in life. And I love tearing out pages of those fine things in magazines and keeping them for reference, resource and inspiration. If not just a few pages per magazine, I’m holding on to the entire issue. Imagine what an ungodly scene of stacks and piles of mags? Can anyone relate?

So my solution and recommendation to you is to utilize magazine holders for your bookcase and shelves. One of my favorite shops is The Container Store with plenty of shelves full of organizational boxes and accessories for the home and office. They carry a line of well-constructed boxes that look great and last a long time. Try these magazine holders (shown above) from Box of Stockholm that come in a small variety of colors. This is also a great way to introduce a splash of color without being too crazy with a bold statement. Currently these items are on sale for $7.99 each at .

Linen wrapped magazine holders from The Container Store

Linen wrapped magazine holders from The Container Store

They also have two in a linen-fabric with a metal label holder. Available in two colors, light blue and lime green, I’d suggest using both colors since they go so well together. These are priced online for $6.99 each. Here’s the direct link for them.

Recycled fiberboard magazine holders at Crate & Barrel

Recycled fiberboard magazine holders at Crate & Barrel

If looking for something more understated, then try these recycled fiberboard products available at Crate & Barrel. They retail for $9.95 at .

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  1. I can relate to your magazine addiction, being a mag junkie myself. Like you, I just can’t bring myself to tear pages off sometimes, so I end up keeping a bunch of issues. I used to love Ciudad and miss it! I downsized my subscriptions this year to Vanity Fair, Dwell and Wired, but I have to purge frequently, otherwise it’s too much. Thinking of trying the Stockholm holders from the Container Store, they look interesting. Thanks for posting.

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