Aqua Por Favor – Water Carafes

Water Jug designed by Menu A/S

Water Jug designed by Menu A/S

Hard to imagine being dehydrated in a country that’s practically a rain forest, but that’s exactly what happened to me while on vacation. I couldn’t understand why I was so parched, but realized that I was away from my desk where I drink more than the recommended 8-glasses full of water. How do I do it? Place a carafe full of water at your desk and keep your glass full throughout the day. With the heat emmitted from the computer and the summer temperatures reaching the high ’90s, it’s best to replenish your body to avoid thirst and hunger. Another simple trick for Diet Coke addicts like myself, add fruit to the carafe to infuse the water for a refreshing taste. I slice limes and occasionally add cucumbers or rosemary for some variety. It also looks interesting and makes for a great visual.

As for the visual, there are great looking carafes on the market. Depending how much you want to spend, you can find some fantastic designs like the one above from Menu, the Scandanavian design company of home goods . The Water Jug 1.3L is a classic modern carafe from their in-house designer Pil Bredahl. You can find other items from their beautiful collections at .

Menu's Water Jug 1.3L available at Fitzsu

Menu's Water Jug 1.3L available at Fitzsu

The Water Jug can be ordered online from Fitzsu Society’s web site for $80. .

If you’re looking for something more affordable, CB2 offers the Cora Carafe, a streamlined two-piece cylinder that perfectly stacks its own cup.

Cora Carafe available at CB2

Cora Carafe available at CB2

Priced at $9.95, there’s no reason why you should ever die of dehydration at the office. To quench that thirst, order online at .

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