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Add A View – Window Panels

Bicolor Linen Window Panel from West Elm

Bicolor Linen Window Panel from West Elm

I have yet another zany idea for your office. This only works for those in a private office or if you have a room at home designated as your workspace. Sure, it makes sense to add curtains to your window – do this to add some warmth to the room, as well as to help block the glaring east/west sunlight. Be warned though, most corporate buildings have window treatment standards and full-length curtains are not usually part of the approved list. However, you can still add a sense of warmth by installing a full wall worth of window panels. If you have one plain white wall in your office that needs to be addressed, then try something other than the framed art I suggested awhile back. I especially like the idea of one full wall with a fabric texture that spans the entire length of the room.

West Elm has several great choices for window panels that make for a contemporary statement in your office. I especially like their bicolor linen panels that easily create a nice, big bold graphic line across something that would normally be a static plain wall. I think the slate/ivory combination is stunning color for an individual who prefers cool tones. If your office uses dark wood, then use the ivory/espresso. And for a more natural palette, ivory/flax is very subtle.

Each panel is 4′ wide. Most offices will be 8’x10′, so you may want three to four panels for a fluid look once installed. Also, you may want the taller panels to absorb the entire height of the wall, so 96″ should be adequate. Each panel is approximately $69. Be sure to choose a thick rod for presence on the wall. West Elm has some nice black metal rods that pairs nicely with the slate/ivory scheme.

Check it out at http://www.westelm.com .


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