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Faux Plastique – Glass Water Bottle

Glass Water Bottle from Crate & Barrel

Glass Water Bottle from Crate & Barrel

Last week I wrote about keeping a carafe full of water at your desk to quench your thirst throughout the day. Here’s another great option from Crate & Barrel. These glass water bottles resemble the plastic versions we grab at the store for a couple of bucks. I remember my days working at a theme park and selling bottles of water for more than a soft drink. Insanity! Yet, I’m just as guilty and continue to indulge in the craze of filtered water. Truth is, most offices offer some type of filtered water (a la Arrowhead, Sparklets, etc) and if you’re working from home, fill up with your Brita or refrigerator system. What I like about these glass bottles is the playful nature of mimicking the plastic indulgence. It’s a great pop art statement for your desk.

The larger 50 oz bottle is available at Crate & Barrel for $16.95. Drink two of these a day and your over the suggested amount by doctors and nutritionists. The smaller 22 oz is only $8.95 and great for mobility if you’re constantly walking the corridors of your office.  The store typically keep these items in stock, but you can also order directly from www.crateandbarrel.com .


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