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Loading Dock – Kensington iPhone Charging Dock

Kensington's iPhone/iPod Charging Dock with mini battery

Kensington's iPhone/iPod Charging Dock with mini battery

I still use an old second-generation iPod docking station for my iPhone at my desk. Somehow, miraculously, it’s compatible and charges the darn thing. I know with some newer cables and docks, it refuses the connection and like so many electronics and computers, you’re forced to buy the latest accessories that specify its compatibility. Despite all this, I love my iPhone and there’s nothing more stunning than having it displayed properly on my desk.

If you’re a fanatic, then you might want to acquire the latest docking station from Kensington that includes a mini battery you can pack in your bag as a backup. The simplistic design allows the phone to make the bolder statement. I think this is a great way to be efficient, practical and tech-savvy, all in one small package.

You can pre-order yours directly at Kensington for $70, or go to Amazon for a discounted price.


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