Dream in Technicolor – 500 Pencils

500 Pencils Aurora Display and Subscription

500 Pencils Aurora Display and Subscription

Santa? Can you hear me?? I’ve been trying to be good all year long, but I’m guilty when it comes to insulting bad design; spending money I don’t have; and addressing some unfinished home projects. However, if you think my good outweighs my bad, can I put a request for this fantastic collection of colored pencils? I’ve been dreaming in technicolor because of them and can’t resist the urge to create a room solely for displaying this amazing installation.

500 Pencils is a monthly subscription of 25 colored pencils you receive each month for 20 months. With names like Margarita, Spanish Melon, California Passion, and Neopolitan Blue, each pencil is crafted in Japan and ships in complementary hues for each series. Imagine a wall with all of these beautiful lines. It’s truly a harmonious assemblage of color.

In addition to the pencil subscription, opt for the Aurora plexiglass display system. I don’t have an immediate need to work with colored pencils, so best to maintain their integrity and preserve the collection in a simple wall mount installation. Can’t you picture this on a white wall in an office, especially my own?

500 Pencils Subscription and Aurora display

500 Pencils Subscription and Aurora display

Presented by Felissmo of New York, the subscription is available for order through March 2010, so act quickly. It’s the perfect gift that will continue to give for close to two years. Santa…are you listening??

Now, think of this as investing in art…not just pencils. The monthly subscription is $33 for 20 months. The five Aurora displays is $260. The grand total is $920. OK…a bit much for my unemployed blood, but quite stunning for any room of your home or business.

Make the investment at http://500pencils.socialdesigner.com/.

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  1. lifeinspanglish

    I am also writing a letter to Santa. OMG!!! I am drooling over this collection. Just beautiful.

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