Art Wall – Just Like This

An art wall above your desk

An art wall above your desk

Do you recall my post about the Aaron Brothers One Cent Sale and suggesting a full wall of frames? Well, here’s a perfect example of it. This installation comes via another blog by Julie Richard, the owner of SHELTER, a design firm located just outside of Boston, MA. Her posts are quick, sweet and straight to the point, with plenty of examples of great rooms that provide inspiration for your own dwelling. She found this photo of a home office that embodies the unique ability to keep your space interesting and inviting. I really think we can all learn quite a bit from this example. From the random eclectic mix of framed art and drawings, to the tarnished candelabra sitting on the corner of the desk, this space is truly a personal exhibition of creative expression. With the crazy mix of art, there’s a subtle theme that nicely ties in with the wicker basket below the desk. And for the piece de resistance, the perfect splash of color with the retro yellow chair. What’s great about this home office is the simplicity. You too can create this space for yourself fairly easily.  And if you do, send me a picture.

For other inspiring ideas for your home, visit SHELTER’s blog at .


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