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Bold Expressions – Ideas from the Net

A DIY idea from Unplggd.com

A DIY idea from Unplggd.com

Here’s a photo from unplggd.com that really hits the mark for bold design and creative expression. I think this home office is fantastic! Transform a room with a statement through the use of contrasting color and daring graphics. In this case, it’s the use of wallpaper that reinvents the work space and really inspires creativity and productivity. You too can accomplish a similar design for your home office by painting or applying wallpaper to one wall. Then install a top shelf that spans the length of the wall. Next, do the same for the work-surface that should have a depth measurement between 24″ – 30.” Anything larger might take up too much room. Stain the wood for a rustic look or paint it like the example above.

The floating aspect of the desk and shelves helps keep a clean looking space with minimal furniture clutter. Contrasting white accents keep the design fresh and contemporary. And the wood floor anchors the space with a natural element that provides warmth to the space. I think this is a great DIY project for anyone interested in updating their home office. It’s economical, efficient, and the result is fun and sophisticated.

I’m horrible with a hammer and nail. Most of my friends know that I’m a total klutz. But I do think even the clumsy at heart can manage this project. Best of luck!

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