It’s Like A Golden Ticket – LaCie Golden Disk

LaCie's 1TB Golden Disk designed by Ora Ito

LaCie's 1TB Golden Disk designed by Ora Ito

I feel like I just watched Willy Wonka after finding this fantastic external hard drive from the wonderful world of LaCie. Part golden ticket, part chocolate river just like Wonka’s factory…(let’s leave out the umpa-lumpas to prevent any nightmares from this dream of a design), the 1TB Golden Disk is an impressive object that will make for a great conversation piece at your desk. Designed by international product designer Ora-Ito, the golden wave quality of the shell provides a luxurious glow and shine to any work environment. With all of the modern perks of plug-and-play technology, the USB 2.0 connection makes for easy transferring from your computer.

Ora-Ito just might be the Wonka of the virtual world. The firm’s founder, Ito Morabito, got his start by creating fake designs for real brands. He created prototype bags for Louis Vuitton and Apple with his visual work hitting the Internet with strong interest from interested buyers. His vision was then acquired for product designs made especially for Cappellini, Swatch, Artemide, Addidas, and others. You might be familiar with his award-winning aluminum bottles for Heineken that was introduced in Europe in 2002 and recently in the US. To experience the creative exuberance, visit .

LaCie's Golden Disk

LaCie's Golden Disk

It's like liquid-motion

It's like liquid-motion

LaCie’s 1 TB Golden Disk is available for $190. This is PLENTY of disk space for archiving your music and photos…and then some. Order it directly through LaCie at . It’s truly sweet! Now, I’m craving chocolate. Fingers crossed for a some free-gift with purchase.

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