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The Wonderful World of Slinky – Real Simple Tip

A Real Simple tip for a desk accessory. Photo, Aimee Herring

A Real Simple tip for a desk accessory. Photo, Aimee Herring

I’m torn about this one. Typically, I’d suggest that you refrain from toys and tchotchkes that could potentially pose to be more of a distraction than function as a tool for your desk. However, I’m surprisingly intrigued by this recommendation by the editors at Real Simple magazine. The original purpose of this contraption – providing hours of fun when combined with a staircase. The new clever application – simply link the ends to hold pens, business cards, invites, bills, and more. The reward – organization with childhood memories. And just like the commercial, it’s priceless!

A few words to those jumping with joy for this item. Be sure to edit the accessories on your desk if incorporating the Slinky. Because of its playful nature, you want to streamline your desk to maintain a decorum. In other words, get rid of the junk and let this piece sit all alone on the desktop. Also, find the original black version for something a bit more “retro.” And lastly, refrain from playing with the darn thing. I don’t think I’d have the willpower.

Here’s a link to purchase it at Amazon for under $6. www.amazon.com.


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