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Possibly The Worst Desk Ever

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I actually think unscripted series are at times…well, scripted. I think Atlanta Kim is all talk. Jon&Kate need a break. And the biggest loser is rigged. And yet, I’m still addicted to these shows that promise to be a complete train wreck. A friend told me that I had to see the desk that was shown on an episode of Bravo’s Miami Social. She said it could possibly be the worst desk ever. Considering the content of this blog, I’m introducing some posts of what not to do with your office decorating. Take a look at the Hulu video (available for viewing here at thedesctop.wordpress.com). I have to agree, this might take the cake for the worst desk. I can’t even imagine it being used for a hotel or bank. Is this for real? Even if “staged,” it makes for fun TV. Enjoy the horror!
The video is available at hulu.com.

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