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MSFW – Mayer Hawthorne

Music for the office - Mayer Hawthorne's A Strange Arrangement

Music Safe For Work - Mayer Hawthorne's A Strange Arrangement

My recent New Music Tuesday find inspired me to write this post and a new series of entries for the near future. Some of my friends think I have good taste in music, but I must admit to the indulgence of some horrific pop and dance grooves. Despite the occasional Christina remix and various one-hit wonders, I do alright finding some great talent. When I need to crank out a deadline, I need my music to be another background layer to compliment my work space. It’s great for ambiance and can easily be cranked up for drowning out the annoying boss. MSFW – Music Safe/Suitable For Work is a recommendation of some artists that you might overlook or not have the pleasure of hearing on mainstream radio.

I just downloaded the debut album from Ann Arbor-native Mayer Hawthorne that comes equipped with a true modern reinterpretation of old school Detroit soul. The 29-year old artist plays all of the album’s instruments as well as sing, sounding much like his childhood influences including Smokey, Curtis Mayfield and Isaac Hayes. We’ve seen a resurgence in this retro-style of music, but you can’t deny this man his gift to create something so pure and enjoyable. It reminds me of the late 70s when my older cousins would use me as a decoy to take my aunt’s Monte Carlo and go cruise Whittier Blvd. What were my parents thinking?

I think you’ll really appreciate his music and love playing the download at the office.

For more info about Mayer Hawthorne, check out his record label, Stones Throw.

Below you’ll find two embedded videos of one of his tracks. Pick up his new release on iTunes.


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