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She Has Curves – Mirren Desk Lamp

Mirren Desk Lamp from Crate and Barrel

Mirren Desk Lamp from Crate and Barrel

With a marble base and a sweeping steel arm, Crate and Barrel’s Mirren Desk Lamp reminds me of a modern classic that is an icon for many designers. The Arco Floor Lamp with its marble base and large overarching steel arm hovers above low profile furniture in picture-perfect modern homes across the world. There is something quite harmonious about the design and I’m pleased to see the inspiration executed so well with the Mirren lamp. The glass shade with its clean, thin pointing handle is just as pristine as the anchor and knob for controlling the position of the adjustable steel arm. The combination of the white marble, white glass shade, and the brushed stainless steel body is very polished and perfect for any desk.

Priced at $199, you can order it directly from crateandbarrel.com .


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