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Green Thinking – Glass Jars

Real Simple Tip - Reused Glass Jars photo, Antonis Achilleos

Real Simple Tip - Reused Glass Jars photo, Antonis Achilleos

Green is the new Black. Well, not quite, but being eco-friendly is a growing trend that seems to be making large strides with the masses. Try this tip from the editors at Real Simple magazine. Adopt the three R’s of the green lifestyle – reuse, renew, re-purpose – and give new life to your glass jars you would otherwise recycle. Peel off the jam and tomato sauce labels from the containers and wash off the sticky residual. Now use them for storing your pens, push-pins, paper clips and such on your desk. You can create a collection with the assortment of jars sitting in your cupboard. It’s a great way to add something of interest to your work surface while being considerate of the amount waste you contribute to the world. And with this, you’ll have your co-workers “green” with envy that they didn’t think of it sooner.

Save the world…well, at least help reduce the amount of trash we produce. If you’re cooking often, you can start saving multiple jars for your co-workers. Standardize the office with this quick idea.


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