Not All Junk – Custom Stamps

Custom Stamps at

Custom Stamps at

It’s amazing how much junk mail is delivered daily. From supermarket sales to postcards from local real estate brokers, the amount of paper tossed in the recycling bin is outstanding. I was convinced that one of the major criminals of such crap was Valpak, the envelope full of discounts and announcements for random products and services. I’ll be so happy to never see another mailer from Closet World again. Usually, this packet would be tossed in the trash upon arrival, but when working from home, I’ve noticed the sudden urge to comb through everything and anything delivered to us. My neurosis has kicked in to high gear. Luckily, I did find something of interest. is an online retailer of some generic custom stationery and other household products. Their advertised custom stamps are actually practical and the 40% discount makes for a rather good buy. Choose from a large variety of design options and make yourself a stamp to keep deskside for a variety of needs. Use it to stamp the wrapping paper for a gift you’re about to give. Stamp the inside corner of a book you’re about to lend your co-worker. Place the stamp on the corner of an envelope for your return label. Whatever the need, you’ll find a suitable need for it.

If ordering before November 4, 2009, use specialoffer in the code section at checkout to receive 40% off the original price of $45 for the custom stamp. Take a look at your options by clicking here, Please do me a favor and avoid the cutesy ones, like Piglet, Pooh, etc.

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