Fashionable Bands – Rubber Bands

Russell+Hazel's designer rubber bands

Russell+Hazel's designer rubber bands

Here’s a great way to add a simple detail to your binders and notebooks. Russell+Hazel makes these great heavy duty rubber bands printed with very cool graphics for a dash of color. You might be thinking, why would I ever use a rubber band around my notebook? Let me share. For some reason, many marketers like myself have an infinity to spiral notebooks and three ring binders for all of the note-taking during those long brain/brandstorming sessions. I never thought anything of it until my colleague in Austin mentioned it when I walked into the conference room with a Mead spiral. She, too, was holding a similar notebook. Since then, I’ve upgraded to Moleskin journals and Muji binders for a more professional presentation, but nothing will beat the joy of writing on college-ruled lined paper. Jumping from meeting to meeting, I’m often handed additional paperwork during those conferences and I’m placing them in the pages of my notebook. A large rubber band can help keep everything in place and address the dreaded accident of letting pages slip out.

Use it to secure your binder.

Use it to secure your binder.

Get two in a set when ordering directly from Russell+Hazel for $8.

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