Pez for You, Pez for Me – Collectible Display

Katey Nicosia's brilliant Pez display

Katey Nicosia's brilliant Pez display

How brilliant is this? For those individuals with a serious collection addiction, find an interesting way to enjoy and display it. Katey Nicosia posted some amazing pictures of her Pez collection on Flickr. This reminded me of our assistant who was fascinated by Trader Vic’s little menehune figure and had a small collection perched on the shelf of her work station. As much as I thought it was an unruly sight, I contributed to the madness by drinking more than my fair share. If only she had the space to do a display like Nicosia’s. Eventually the menehunes came down, but I often wondered what would have been the right solution for fun and humor.

Create your own art wall in the office. Nicosia used Sticky Tack to apply her Pez collection to the wall. It’s a great conversation piece and a great solution for turning your crazy addiction into art.

museum worthy installation.

museum worthy installation.


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