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Pottery Barn Pinboards currently on sale.

Pottery Barn Pinboards currently on sale.

Pinboards will always serve their purpose in an office for tacking up small notes, invites, task lists, etc. I tried to keep my board at my desk clean, but much like my inbox tray, I had to purge all of the random items every few weeks. One way to prevent the clutter is to find a pinboard that you want to keep organized. The crest style option from Pottery Barn is a great example of a board that you’ll want to keep simple. It’s thick, molded wooden frame adds great proportional weight when hung on a wall. The flax linen board is very classic and provides a great backdrop to anything placed on it. And of course, the shape of the board is a great design statement for any desk.

Act fast, the organizational sale at Pottery Barn will end soon. From being originally priced at $129, you can now get it online for $50. The rectangular board is slightly cheaper. Buy yours at

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