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Design by Numbers – Desktop Calculator

Desktop calculator designed by Theo Williams, sold at Canoe.

Lenox desktop calculator designed by Theo Williams.

I remember being so fascinated by my father’s Casio calculator he kept inside his camel brown leather briefcase. I was four and the small technological advances of the late 70 seemed so impressive and powerful. We have come a long way since then and with new inventions like the iPhone, netbooks and such, my dad’s little gadget seems so outdated and unnecessary. But there’s a romance of playing office as a kid with these old-school tools, and I still enjoy the tactile objects that might otherwise be deemed antiquated. Point in case, there’s no big need for a calculator with most computers already equipped with this function or you program the codes in a program like Excel. But, I do prefer the convenience of being able to punch in a few numbers on a dedicated devise for determining important answers like…how much money do I have left in my bank account?

Here’s a great option of a calculator to showcase on your desktop. Designed by industrial designer Theo Williams, the slick white gizmo is oversized and measures 4″ x 7.75″, providing quite a presence in your office. Basic functions keep things simple without dealing with complicated signs and equations.

As you know, I like taking the time to recognize the original designer if the info is available. Theo Williams is based in London and is the creative director for Habitat, a company originally started by Sir Terence Conran. Williams has worked for Mexx in Europe, currently owned by Liz Claiborne, USA, as well as design products and packaging for Alessi, Armani, Prada, and Philips. See his portfolio at www.theowilliams.com.

Thin profile of the Lenox desktop calculator

Thin profile of the Lenox desktop calculator

This Lenox LC 59 calculator designed by Theo Williams is available online for $32 at www.canoeonline.net. And be sure to browse the Portland, OR online shop. They have plenty of great products for the office.


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