Art Floor – CB2 Rugs

CB2 Blox Rug, $299

CB2 Blox Rug, $299

CB2 Wire Rug, $299

CB2 Wire Rug, $299

Bold graphics can really compensate for the lack of art in your space. The power of integrated graphics can really make for a strong impact in rather small and sterile environments. It’s for this reason that I’m so drawn to these two examples of affordable area rugs from CB2. Made from New Zealand/Indian wool, these hand-tufted rugs make for a bold statement in your work space and provides some luxurious texture to complement your design.

The blox rug reminds me of Piet Mondrian – the artist linked to the De Stijl movement with grid compositions consisting of three primary colors. I’m sure you’re all familiar with his famous paintings, easily found in most modern art museums. Not that this rug is art, but the culmination of colored squares and rectangles make for clean symmetry that anchors a modern room with minimal clutter. As I have mentioned before, create a theme to unify the accessories in your office. In this case, you can select a few red pieces to showcase on your desk and allow for the rug to tie it all together. Of course, this is just a suggestion. You can also go crazy with so many other options.

If looking for something more dynamic, the brush stroke quality of the Wire Rug is bold yet refined with its use of two colors – black and cream. I really appreciate the playful nature of the design and the restrained decision to avoid any outrageous color combination. This rug would be nicely paired with a black desk with some careful placement of cream parchment paper at the corner and some antiquated silver frames with a silver cup used for pens. Just a thought.

Ah, and as for placement, that all depends. I don’t suggest having your desk sit on the rug. Instead, use it in front or behind your desk, depending on your setup. If your desk is placed up against a wall or window, then use it to anchor your chair. You’ll be happy to see it as that big statement that greets you when you start your day. If you have a more traditional arrangement with two guest chairs in front of your desk, then use it there. The feel of the rug will make for a more inviting gathering when conducting business at your desk.

To order your rug or check out other modern rugs available at CB2, visit their site at .

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