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2010 – Pentagram’s Typography Calendar

Pentagram's large format Typography Calendar

I agree that some basic fundamental office tools remain a necessity despite the advances of technology (this seems to be an ongoing theme, right?) Yes, my entire calendar is on my computer and my iPhone, but I still like to look at a full size print for planning the upcoming week. I imagine that you might prefer the same. Please refrain from the cheap looking calendars you find at a local Hallmark shop. Even worse, avoid using the tacky calendars that come through the mail from local real estate brokers.

Try this out. Pentagram presents their annual typography calendar (annual…calendar, I’m feeling redundant) for 2010 featuring new and familiar fonts for each month. There is a subtle beauty within each month with the contrast of the black numbers on a stark white backdrop. The 12″ x 18″ size is great for a tack board above your desk. Or try the super size format that measures 23″ x 33″ for a bold statement on the wall. Here’s another suggestion. Buy a frame from Aaron Bros and frame the current month. It’s another one of those quick, cheap art tricks…and it’s functional.

Pentagram's calendar available for sale at KenKnight.com

If you don’t know who Pentagram is, I urge you to check out their web site. They were established in the 70’s and have been a design powerhouse ever since. I often refer to them as the international design think tank.

The 12″x18″ format is available for $30 (includes shipping). The 23″ x 33″ is $50. Buy directly from kenknight.com.

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