Attitude with Latitude – Dell Latitude Z


Dell Latitude Z

I still have found memories of being a PC user back in the day. I thought I had mastered all of the unique settings from the control panel and prided myself with knowing the essentials that seemed to make life a bit easier for the IT department. I found it to be a great challenge that kept me entertained until one evening I could not connect to my wi-fi. It was maddening. Thank goodness for Dell’s phone support.

My old Latitude laptop was generic. A black model that was simple and non-offensive unlike other ugly models that obviously try too hard to look cool. When asked to make the transition from PC to Mac when I switched industries, I was a bit apprehensive. I actually liked the complexity of Windows and really hated the user-friendly reputation of Apple. I was so naive. The upside was the BEAUTIFUL look of Apple’s computers. It took a couple of months, but I then became a true Apple lover. The attention to details and the design alone provides a great streamlined look to any office. One of my most common recommendations for any desk is to select a computer that is well designed, and of course has the power to sustain the technological advances expected within the next few years.

Enter Dell’s new Latitude Z, the thinnest and lightest 16″ laptop on the market. Just over half an inch thick and weighing 4.5 lbs, the computer is equipped with several impressive features that make for a compelling argument for venturing back to the PC universe. With a soft-touch exterior finish, silky-touch backlit keyboard and a first-of-its-kind EdgeTouch ™ LCD sensor, the Z also provides quick scans of business cards and documents via the 2mp autofocus webcam. Finally, the PC is getting a sophisticated look that competes for the attention of design savvy patrons.


Dell Latitude Z is the thinnest and lightest 16" laptop


Scan using the integrated webcam

Dell’s Latitude Z starts at $1,999 and offers convenient upgrades like a solid state drive, 8gb RAM, and the latest integration of Windows 7. Check it out at

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