A Desk for Mikael – IKEA’s Mikael Collection


IKEA scores with another low price office solution

IKEA…need I say more? The Swedes have a great way of making design accessible for the masses. Here’s a really cheap solution for a desk that takes up little space. If you’re in tight quarters, this piece can serve as a console table when you have friends over and provide suitable space as a desk when placing a computer on top. Measuring 55″w x 29.5″ d x 30″ h, the dark chocolate-almost-black stain is contemporary in style and will go with practically any existing furniture you have…well, almost. Don’t expect much. IKEA is also infamous for poor craftsmanship, but they have greatly improved throughout the years. The best thing about the Mikael desk (no, not the name) is the price, $49.99. Yes, assembly required, but how hard can it be. It only has two legs with a top. Check it out, www.ikea.com.


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