Talking Trash – Bin Bin Wastebasket


Conran's Bin Bin Wastebasket by John Brauer

Max at Apartment Therapy ran his recent interview with Sir Terrance Conran and it reminded me of my recent post of a letter box found on The Conran Shop’s online store. The mastermind behind the great store of accessible modern taste is still in top form and influencing the design industry to date. Here’s another great find for your office. The Bin Bin Wastebasket is designed to look like the stuff you throw in it – crumbled paper. Made from high density polyethylene, choose either white or black and place next to your desk.

If curious about the creative mind behind the product, you can read a small bio on John Brauer at


High Style Trash

The Bin Bin Wastebasket is available online for $59 USD. Order directly from

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