Photo Rock – Panasonic MW-10 photo frame/iPod dock

panasonic mw-10

Add some music and pictures to your desk with Panasonic's MW-10.

Set for release next month, Panasonic’s multimedia sound system is perfect for your office. Offering everything you need for a serene backdrop to your busy work schedule, the small electronic system offers a 9″ screen display for your photos, an integrated CD player, FM radio, and an iPod dock, along with a clock and calendar. You can even screen music videos or other saved media on your portable device.

I’m amazed how background music played ever-so-softly near your desk can help you remain calm during the day. Better yet, there’s nothing like seeing a repeating slideshow of your co-workers antics with the digital pictures you shot of them at the weekly happy hour…so, hilarious! What’s great about this system is its streamlined design for your desk.

The MSRP is $299. visit Panasonic periodically for more information.

panasonic mw-102

Panasonic MW-10, $299


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