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Darts for Coats – Dart Hooks


Dart Hooks for hanging your coat and bag

I think it’s often overlooked to have a place for hanging your coat and bag when you get to the office. Those lucky enough to have a coat rack behind the door probably make use of it, but they tend to be generic and dull. Oy, I’m having flashbacks of those darn ugly gray plastic “Z”-shaped coat hooks you can get at the supply store. Blah, dreadful!

Here’s something interesting for your wall. These darts screw into the wall, providing some visual interest. Avoid the door and try finding a stud behind the wall to provide optimal support when screwing them in. I love that these darts are shiny and modern. Buy the set of three darts from The Curiosity Shoppe for $32.


Coat Hook Darts


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