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Hall of Shame – another horrible desk

Need I say more?

Hall of shame entry for horrible desks. Submission – Hans Solo frozen in carbonite desk. Need I say more? Have fun. Thanks Anna for finding this one.

Visit for more info.

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Dr. Doctor – Peasants and Travelers Doctor Bag


Peasants & Travelers Doctors Bag

When I was in Italy a couple of years ago, I regrettably turned down the opportunity to purchase a leather doctor’s bag from a street vendor in Florence. It was a couple of hundred euros that now sounds like a bargain. It could have made for a great bag with a great story. Every time I think about it, I kick myself. When talking about office design and tips for your desktop, I think you should also consider the bag you bring to the workplace. The great thing about a doctor’s bag is its shape. It’s large enough to carry more than just paperwork. It’s also a great alternative to the overnight bag for those last minute turnaround trip. It’s stylish and practical.

Luckily, Peasants & Travelers have created a great option to the traditional traveling companion at a reasonable price. Made from a heavy duty, water-resistant polyester, the bag measures 18.75″w x 11.5″h x 6.25″d. Choose from the black bag as shown above or opt for the chocolate brown version. If you’re looking for a unique gift to give this holiday, add this to your list. Or do what I like to do and just treat yourself to a special present from Santa. Ho! ho! ho!

The Travelers Doctor Bag retails for $150 and available at Peasants & Travelers.

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