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Tick Tock – Idea for your Computer Screen

19 minutes to save the world?

This image is from Door Sixteen, a blog by a very creative designer posting about her Victorian row home in Newburgh, NY. Her recent entry about her home office is quite remarkable. I love the original style and clean sensibility. She took some risks that I truly love and appreciate. The wallpaper is subtle yet intriguing. The kelly green lamp is the perfect object in the foreground. The desk is fantastic, especially with the weathered drawers below the contemporary worksurface. And pulling it all together, the screen saver on her computer. Be sure to add some unique flair for your computer. Have it truly work for you…in this case, operating as a digital clock that adds a great graphic backdrop for this particular picture. I hope the simplicity inspires you.

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Clip Art – Clipboards for the wall

Clipboards for your office with added flair.

Here’s a great way to stay organized. As instructed by Martha Stewart, take generic clipboards and cover them with bold graphic prints. You can get the details on her site, but use this idea to organize your paperwork in a stylish way. I have to admit, I’m impressed by the simple idea and the interesting look it can create on a wall. This DIY is a great way to personalize your wall and make it work for you.

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In Hidding – Another Home Office Idea

Hidding your work with these two ideas.

Here’s an idea for tight spaces. Looking for a way to hide paperwork? Try these ideas that were recently presented by Design*Sponge. Take an unused closet and add some sturdy shelving for a home office. Accessorize with a bold color and keep things simple. Another great idea came from Martha Stewart. Convert a chest into a filing cabinet. It offers great storage and extra seating when needed. Keep these ideas around for inspiration.


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Small Packages – Dell’s Vostro V13 Laptop

The thinnest and lightest laptop by Dell...and its cheap.

I love my MacBook Pro, but I’m quite intrigued by the vast improvements made by PC giant Dell. Their latest breakthrough is a 13.3″ LED screen laptop (not netbook) computer packaged in a slim, thin, aluminum lightweight shell. The best news about it –the Vostro V13 starts at $450. A full size laptop that is light yet solid for a great price…hmmm, maybe I’ll jump back to the Windows world. Think of this solution for a clutter free desk or cramped quarters. Find it at Dell.

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Writing In Space – Fisher Moss Space Pen

Fisher Space Pen for Moss

Originally created for NASA by Paul Fisher, the Fisher Space Pen promises to work upside down, under water, in the cold and even in space. Now with a twist, the uber design shop in NY, Moss, has curated a series of these pens with their infamous slogan, “please, do not touch.” How appropriate for your office pens that seem to vanish whenever you host a brainstorm session with colleagues. Now you can keep this small stylo on your desk without sacrificing style. $35 at Moss.

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CheckDate – Office Chalk Wall Calendar

Chalkboard Calendar from Design*Sponge

One of the most simplest and smartest ideas I’ve seen in awhile comes from Ideal Home via Design*Sponge. Try this DIY project in one day and have years of monthly schedules written right in front of you and your desk. Tape out your squares and buy three shades of chalkboard paint. Use one color as your field color by painting the entire wall and use the other two colors as your accents for the calendar. What I enjoy most about this scheme is the variation of grays and the contrast of white chalk and accessories. It really adds a nice punch to your home and/or corporate office. Try it and be sure to send me a pic.

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EcoFantastic – EcoFan Laptop Stand

Macally's EcoFan laptop stand

Here’s a great looking cooling stand for your laptop that’s eco-chic and recession-friendly. Macally’s new bamboo laptop stand comes equipped with two cooling fans that are powered by your computer through a USB connection. The simple slant provides ease and comfort for typing and the size is appropriate for screens 17″ and smaller. Order directly through Macally for $39.99.

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New Year New Resolution New Commitment

Happy new year friends. After ending 2009 on both a high and low note – new job, new stress, new fight with the flu – I’m back to work with new content for The Desctop. As always, your comments and feedback is greatly appreciated. These next few posts will be short and sweet. I’m trying to get back into the swing of things. I hate multi-tasking, but find it to be the nature of the beast and hope it will inspire all of us to get organized and fall in love with our jobs once again.

Best to you all for a prosperous 2010.

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