In Hidding – Another Home Office Idea

Hidding your work with these two ideas.

Here’s an idea for tight spaces. Looking for a way to hide paperwork? Try these ideas that were recently presented by Design*Sponge. Take an unused closet and add some sturdy shelving for a home office. Accessorize with a bold color and keep things simple. Another great idea came from Martha Stewart. Convert a chest into a filing cabinet. It offers great storage and extra seating when needed. Keep these ideas around for inspiration.


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3 responses to “In Hidding – Another Home Office Idea

  1. Anna

    I love the filing cabinet in the chest, what a great idea!

    Mike, I’m really having a problem with cord control in my desk area. Any suggestions? These cords and cables are driving me nuts and look so unattractive. Help!

    • thedesctop

      My apologies for the delayed response. Completely bad form on my part. I have been thinking about this and have a few options. If at all possible, start converting to a wifi environment. It’s amazing how it helps reduce cables. My office (not home) is completely wifi and I love the fact that I just have a power cord that travels from my computer to the wall outlet. Now for the more practical solutions – go to Home Depot and get pvc piping. You can afix this tube to the corner of your desk using plastic tie fasteners (also a Home Depot buy) and string all of your cords through this. If you want to go one step further for the design purpose, pick up a can of spray paint and match it closely to your desk color. Spray the pipe to help minimize the eye sore. Another solution is to drill a hole in your desk and create a grommet similar to what you see in professional custom workstations. You can then have the cords come up from below the desk instead from the back or side. Lastly, try housing most of your electronics in a cupboard/armoire and drill a whole in the back (if it doesn’t have one already) for all of your electrical cords. Set up your wifi system (you’ll need a wifi printer for this) and whenever you need to print, scan, grab paper, binders, etc., it’s all neatly stored in one central place. Hope this provides some help.

  2. lifeinspanglish

    I can’t wait to try this. Have yet to find a filing cabinet that feels modern and not too “officey” or ikea. Will try to copy this one. Thanks for posting, great idea. Saludos.

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