The Perpetual Calendar

Despite our digital age, I find the need to have some type of calendar available for a quick glance when dating a letter, writing a check or just trying to convince myself that the week is moving forward. Here’s a great solution for your desk. This  system is simple, polished and the perfect companion for your office. The calendar that will last a lifetime is designed by legendary Italian designer Enzo Mari. Looking at it reminds me when I was five years old and going to the Security Pacific bank with my grandfather for his weekly deposits. The transaction counters had a system similar to this, except it was bronze framed with white letters on charcoal gray blocks. I vividly remembering wanting to play with the individual cards for the month and dates. Some thirty years later, the wait is over.

Here’s some background about Enzo Mari and his prolific career. Click here for the NYT article.

The Perpetual Calendar is available for $90 at the great L.A. gift shop, OK. Thanks to the creative minds at for mentioning it.

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