At The Podium, My iPhone

Podium's carbon iPhone/iPod stand is one of those cool review sites that is perfect for guys like me…with money burning a hole in their pockets for the latest gizmo and trends. Beware, you’ll find plenty to buy and more to ponder. Point in case, this carbon stand made especially for your iPhone or iPod Touch. The sturdy accessory only weighs in at 16 oz., has a height of 5.5″; Width: 3.25″; Depth: 3.0″ It allows for a swivel of your iPhone for either landscape or vertical orientation. You might be asking yourself, why do I need a dedicated stand for my iPhone? Well, consider a few things. It provides a streamline look to fully appreciate the innovation of your phone. Not to be too preachy about Apple, but seriously, the design and mechanism of the iPhone never gets old. Here’s another reason – my blog is about finding ways to improve your workplace and you can do just that with a dedicated display for your phone. By using the stand, you can effectively use your iPhone as a work companion for applications that you might not want to clutter on your computer desktop. Use your iPhone side-by-side to your computer for checking new tweets, calculating simple equations, or just getting through the work day by YouTubing Miss S. Carolina Caite Upton’s Miss Teen USA pageant flubber.

Podium’s iPhone stand sells for $29 +shipping at

The stand swivels and pivots for full enjoyment of your iPhone.


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