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Dingalingaring – iRetrophone Base

iRetrophone Base for your desk

Once again, I’m having a flashback of Lily Tomlin’s Ernestine. From a previous post about the old school handset you can plug into your cell phone, you can now buy the complete set that transforms your iPhone into a working old fashioned desk phone. Thanks to Uncrate for finding this fun and practical item on Etsy. The iRetrophone is made from resin and available in clear or black. It fits all iPhone models and provides space for a charging connection while sitting in the base. Order yours today at Freeland Studios on Etsy for $195. The item is currently back-ordered for a few weeks, but I’m sure they’ll run out again due to popularity. Playing office with my iPhone just became legit.

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I Heart J.Crew – Postalco Notebooks

Postalco's A5 notebook

Postalco's A6 notebook in vintage sage.

Haven’t you noticed the recent upswing of J.Crew’s inventory? I was a proud shopper of the company back in high school with my mail order chinos. Once they took the leap and launched a few retail stores here in Southern California, I was completely hooked; So much so my friends could easily identify me in a crowd because of the ultra-prepster clothes I was wearing. Unfortunately, in the late ’90s I became bored with the outfitter, especially after seeing those damn shorts with embroidered pink lobsters. Really? Now with a strong creative team in place, led by Jenna Lyons and Frank Muytjens, I’m absolutely hooked once again. The East Coast influence of fishermen prep is something strong and unique. Oddly enough, it’s a universal look great for the rest of the country, including sun–drenched Los Angeles. One of the many things I love about J.Crew’s new sense of editorial is their ability to partner with other brands like Converse, Levi’s, Tretorn,Timex and more. Surprisingly, you can also find items for your desk, like these handsome and practical notebooks from Tokyo–based Postalco. The A5 and A6 spirals are a great companion to keep in your bag for those impromptu meetings. Offered in two colors – sage green and midnight sky – the notebooks are fashionable due in large part to their simplicity. What I love most about J.Crew’s offering is that you too can continue to shop for your business needs while shopping for clothes.

The A5 notebook is priced at $28.50 and the A6 is $18.50. Both offered directly through J.Crew.

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Achille’s Heel – The Scrittarello Desk

The Scrittarello Desk designed by Achille Castiglioni

Thanks to Maxwell at Apartment Therapy for pointing out yet another great find. It’s not like I’m surprised by his impeccable eye, but pleasantly relieved that we have access to his fantastic design sensibilities on a daily basis. The Scrittarello desk is a prime example of simple made efficient. Beech veneer plywood with white laminate hark the mid-century era of Charles and Ray Eames. Designed by Italian industrial designer Achille Castiglioni who was also responsible for the iconic Arco floor lamp, the Scrittarello is an appropriate choice for a home office in tight quarters. What I love most about the subtleties of this piece is the clever side shelves perfect for extra storage like paper, notebooks, a printer, anything that might clutter a desk when you most need the space.

The Scrittarello Desk is available through The Conran Shop for $1,995.

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Tik Tok Clock – Lemnos Clock

Tik Tok the minutes with the Lemnos Clock for your office wall.

Here’s a quick Friday afternoon post in anticipation for the arrival of my iPad tomorrow. The anxiety has me at a loss today, so I can barely concentrate on much. However, I did spot this great looking, classic clock made of plywood. Designed by Mori Toyoshi in 2004 and made in Japan, the clean, simple look of  the wall mount fixture screams “great taste” for any docent of timeless pieces. Add this to your office and have a handsome reminder of the minutes left in your day. The Lemnos Clock is available at The Tortoise General Store for $78.

I’m counting down for Saturday’s release of Apple’s tablet. Mine will be delivered in the afternoon…hopefully. Stay tuned for an update.

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