Duller, Duller…Duller – Duller Pen

Braun designed Duller pens

Offered in a fountain, rollerball and mechanical pencil, the new Duller pens represent a collaborative effort between the Braun design team and IDEA of Japan. Nothing like Japanese and German technology to stand the test of time, right? It’s like a BMW Toyota hybrid for your writing needs. Created as a full companion package with complementary notebooks and other accessories, you can see the offering at TwentyTwentyOne. The Duller pen is priced at 49£.



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2 responses to “Duller, Duller…Duller – Duller Pen

  1. I own the roller ball pen and find it to be absolutely delightful, save for the fact that the top rattles when the pen is in use.

  2. Jonathan

    Be warned that the rollerball pen is *definitely* fine pointed, and folks such as myself with a heavy slant and firm pressure will find it scratchy on the paper; definitely not smooth inkflow or fluid motion.

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