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I yah yeah – iPhone 4

Apple's iPhone 4 with video chat, ultra sharp resolution, and more.

A plea to my partner aka ambassador of “quan” (ref: Jerry Maguire).

Yes, my current iPhone 2 works fine but just like the rest of technology, it’s aging fast…very fast. The new iPhone4 will solve all of my problems, including those I didn’t realize I had. When needing the assistance of a true friend to help me decide what I should be wearing to a special event (hint: anniversary), I can then use the new FaceTime feature that allows users to video chat. Imagine, no longer the need of photographing yourself and then e-mailing the image. Oh, what about taking a night-time picture with your iPhone? It’s usually a mess, right? You can now do so with the 5-megapixel camera and integrated LED flash, perfect for capturing that special celebration (hint: anniversary). And when looking at those pictures on said iPhone, the images are even better than before with the new Retina Display capability that provides 4x the clarity on the screen. And when jumping back and forth between ecstatic phone calls and various apps, the new iPhone4 allows you to do so seamlessly with its all new multitasking platform. All this plus an amazing new shell and casing, HD video, folders for organizing apps, and more.

So you see dear partner, the new iPhone4 is more than just a phone. It’s how I conduct business and pleasure. More importantly, it’s how I stay connected to you. So with this in mind, I’m not asking that you buy this for me, but rather give me the blessing to go out and treat myself without the guilt. It’s sure to be one simple gesture that will mark a special year.

Pre-order yours tomorrow, June 15.


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For inspiration – Jen Bilik’s Home Office

Knock Knock founder Jen Bilik's Home Office

Knock Knock! Who’s there? …Not that type of knock knock. Jen Bilik, founder of the publishing house and stationers Knock Knock, has sold her Mar Vista home, but her beautiful DIY projects are kept in tact online at Design*Sponge. Take special note of her home office. This simple to replicate workstation is a great way of adding clean lines and modernity with a bold choice of color. I truly appreciate a straight work desk that allows you to view your computer monitor without a tilt or angle. I’m not of fan of corner placements of computers because of the odd sitting situation – just my preference. The wall-mount Artemide task lights are great as are the random tacked artwork placed above the desk. I hope this provides you some inspiration to be creative with your work place.

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A.T.’s Get The Look

Apartment Therapy's Get The Look - Office Organization

I think the notion of organization is always easier said than done. I’m fairly organized, but the problem I have is easily forgetting where I filed things. It’s an oxymoron for sure. Regardless, the look of being organized is priceless and I’ve been told once or twice that “perception is reality.” I suppose if you believe you’re organized, you WILL be organized. Take a look at Maxwell’s Get The Look on Apartment Therapy. You’ll find how you too can get this structured look for your office needs. I’m completely digging the apothecary jars for your pencils/pens, labels and stuff. Carve out some time for yourself to make your “reality” come true.

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Rated XX – XX File Storage

Magis XX File Holder designed by Jasper Morrison

If looking for some quick design solutions for your desktop, the Magis XX File Holder is a great looking product that creates some visual interest while providing practicality. Designed by Jasper Morrison, the mastermind of numerous contemporary furnishing products, the XX File Holder is also stackable. To learn more about Morrison, view his studio web site. The XX File Holder is priced at $145 through @workdesign. Grant it, it’s expensive considering the stuff you can get at Staples, but who ever said good design was cheap.

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Inspiration – another home office design

Eclectic flair by SF-based designer Martha Angus

Another quick post for inspiration. This modern lacquered white desk is flanked by an ornate stool and art frame. This is a great way to create an eclectic home office that will keep you creative and inspired. Wondering how to get the look? Well, you can find an very affordable version of this desk at West Elm. And as for the ornate decoration, try an antique store. You’ll be amazed at the great finds, but just be patient. It may take several trips to various shops before you find what you’re looking for. As for the mastermind behind this look, visit Martha Angus and her San Francisco studio for more great living designs.

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Good Golly Miss Molly – Molly Desk

The Molly Desk designed by Toby Howes

I’m torn. I’m torn about this particular desk designed by Toby Howes for a client he states loves nostalgic ’50s–era furnishings. The Molly desk is a combination of a few different styles that is quite remarkable, no matter how you might feel about it at first sight. I do find the contrast between the exquisite burled maple and satin-looking walnut to be quite stunning. I’m even intrigued by the swooping lines of the molded wood frame. But all together with the horse track glass desktop, I’m having a very love hate relationship. What do you all think?  Don’t be too swayed by this particular design. Mr. Howes has some amazing samples of stellar craftsmanship on his web site.

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