Is your desk a complete mess? Do you have a strange, archaic system of staying organized? Are the pictures of your kids and friends buried in paperwork? Shouldn’t you have a place to do work that inspires creativity? Shouldn’t your desk be a true reflection of your style and energy?

The Desctop is a place to help you with ideas for designing your home and/or work office. These days, everyone is consumed with home design, but often overlook the importance of a well-planned space for doing work. Many talented designers and architects solely focus on the task of creating dynamic and inspiring office environments, but sadly, these projects are overlooked because media believes it has no mass appeal. I completely disagree and believe you are here with a genuine interest in updating your workspace. Hopefully, showing you a combination of finish work and snapshots of some unique accessories will provide you with some great options for your own personal space.

4 responses to “About

  1. lifeinspanglish

    Congratulations on your lovely blog. I love design that inspires you to work. I find it amazing that my productivity soars as soon as I clear my desk. Daily rituals (like checking emails in the a.m. with a fresh cup of coffee, browsing the blogs, etc.) are important, but for me they require a well designed backdrop. I have also discovered the joys of wordpress during these job hunting days and I have to say your blog is one of the most interesting. A friend of a friend forwarded the link. Felicidades y suerte! Saludos. Cristina B.

  2. Totally obsessed with your blog. Love all the random stuff you find and showcase. You rock!

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