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Federal Supply Service Notebook

new year resolution - spend less

We all have new year resolutions so I thought I would start off with my first post of the year with a sensible one. This came my way through A Continuous Lean, the daily blog of all things cool and collected. Contributor Michael Williams was interning at the Pentagon when first coming across the DOD’s standard issue journal/notebook that is commonly used by a wide range of personnel, from government officials to soldiers fighting insurgents. I’m a huge fan of Moleskin journals, but as we all know, it can get pricey and I must say that the leather spine does not hold well with wear and tear. With a new outlook and perspective on my spending habits for the upcoming year, I have opted for the beyond reasonably priced federal notebooks that will run you only $3.83 each. Check out Williams post as he shares some great insights and practical use for his new find. As for me, I bought five and had them shipped directly to the office. One will be used for the Palm Springs renovation project, the others for travels, and of course one for those impromptu brainstorm sessions.

Desctop tip: here, more is more. Five or ten of these notebooks make for a stunning and bold design on your desk. The vibrant kelly green is a great accent for your office and who ever said that you can’t have more than one? Buy a few here.



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I Heart MUCU – MUCU Notebooks

Japan's MUCU notebooks

Offered in a small array of notebook choices

I’ve been waiting for a US outlet to carry these great artisan notebooks by Japan’s MUCU. Something about the craft of Japanese paper and stationery is so beautiful when jotting down your mental notes or just casually sketching as if you were back in college. Using untreated materials like newspaper stock, canvas and tarpaulin, the small variety of choices include a wire spiral, blank pocket notes, and a pocket ring flip book. Ranging in price from $12 to $20, you can now order domestically at the Virginia denim purveyor Need Supply Co.

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Write with a feather – Fjader Pen

The Fjader Pen by Coles of London

Also offered in Midnight Blue

Paying homage to the art of writing with a feather, the Fjader (Swedish for feather) is a sleek, stunning writing tool with a beautiful pedestal for displaying its exquisite modern lines. It’s lightweight at only 10 grams and measuring 7.2 inches. This set will look GREAT on any desk…buy yours immediately. Available for $39 at Barnes & Noble.

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Color My World – Duller Color Pencils

Duller + IDEA 36 set color pencils

Here’s another product from the design collaboration by the German art suppliers Duller and Japanese creatives IDEA. The 36 color pencil set is beautifully assembled in this portfolio box. Designers will drool over this meticulous curated collection of color. Just another example of great partnerships for the good of design. Order yours today from A+R for $96.

36 colors for your world.


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Duller, Duller…Duller – Duller Pen

Braun designed Duller pens

Offered in a fountain, rollerball and mechanical pencil, the new Duller pens represent a collaborative effort between the Braun design team and IDEA of Japan. Nothing like Japanese and German technology to stand the test of time, right? It’s like a BMW Toyota hybrid for your writing needs. Created as a full companion package with complementary notebooks and other accessories, you can see the offering at TwentyTwentyOne. The Duller pen is priced at 49£.


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Grid+Lines=Doane Paper

Doane Paper's Daily Arsenal Kit

It’s the basic ideas that turn into great fortune, right? Chad Doane understands this concept well. After noticing that half his colleagues were using grid paper for notes and the rest using traditional lined paper during a meeting, he streamlined the two to create Doane Paper. Practical and stylish, the entire collection is a great tool for organization and the perfect handsome set of stationery for your desk. I thought you would appreciate Doane’s simple and user-friendly site. His offering of the entire collection in one kit is a great way to update your accessories. Throw out that yellow legal pad and adopt the minimal look of this entire collection. The Daily Arsenal Kit comes equipped with three large and small writing pads, three Flap Jotter, three Utility black notebooks, one TL Series notebook, one small and large idea journals, three Sharpie fine point pens, and three zebra no. 2 pencils. All of this for $65.50, plus free shipping directly through Doane Paper’s shop site.

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I Heart J.Crew – Postalco Notebooks

Postalco's A5 notebook

Postalco's A6 notebook in vintage sage.

Haven’t you noticed the recent upswing of J.Crew’s inventory? I was a proud shopper of the company back in high school with my mail order chinos. Once they took the leap and launched a few retail stores here in Southern California, I was completely hooked; So much so my friends could easily identify me in a crowd because of the ultra-prepster clothes I was wearing. Unfortunately, in the late ’90s I became bored with the outfitter, especially after seeing those damn shorts with embroidered pink lobsters. Really? Now with a strong creative team in place, led by Jenna Lyons and Frank Muytjens, I’m absolutely hooked once again. The East Coast influence of fishermen prep is something strong and unique. Oddly enough, it’s a universal look great for the rest of the country, including sun–drenched Los Angeles. One of the many things I love about J.Crew’s new sense of editorial is their ability to partner with other brands like Converse, Levi’s, Tretorn,Timex and more. Surprisingly, you can also find items for your desk, like these handsome and practical notebooks from Tokyo–based Postalco. The A5 and A6 spirals are a great companion to keep in your bag for those impromptu meetings. Offered in two colors – sage green and midnight sky – the notebooks are fashionable due in large part to their simplicity. What I love most about J.Crew’s offering is that you too can continue to shop for your business needs while shopping for clothes.

The A5 notebook is priced at $28.50 and the A6 is $18.50. Both offered directly through J.Crew.

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