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More Inspiration – A.T’s Get The Look

Apartment Therapy's series of DIY home office. Get this look! Photo: Jill Slater

Short and sweet, or should I say suite. This example comes once again from Apartment Therapy’s Get The Look with their recommendation for dealing with tight spaces. What’s perfect about this one is the minimalistic aesthetic accomplished by the all-white palette. Doesn’t it look more like a hotel room? So many of my friends always complain about their business travel, but I love it. I especially love the short-term living in chic boutique hotels. Now, taking the cue from a corporate room, making your bedroom just as clean is the way I like to live.  Don’t forget the night cap chocolates for the nightstand. Catch the details at Apartment Therapy.

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NY travel? Check out the new Surrey Hotel

The lobby at the renovated Surrey hotel in New York.

Not your traditional post today about items for your desk or office, but considering the possible business travels by my readers, I’m taking some liberties. You may have seen me write about her once or twice, but today is the birthday of Lauren Rottet, the acclaimed interior architect who designed the $60 million renovation of The Surrey, a boutique hotel from The Denihan Group located in the upper East Side of NYC. The project was just published last month in Interior Design magazine and it was my first look at the completed work. Lauren and her amazing team are leaders in the corporate environment world of dream offices you would kill to work. And trust me, I know how crazy it sounds to say “kill to work.” Now, her exquisite sensibilities can be experienced by those staying at the newly opened hotel.

If ever wanting to experience how big companies work and play, then check out Rottet’s portfolio on her company web site, Rottet Studio. You’ll get a glimpse of the beautiful clean lines and modern aesthetics that spark a romance to working in corporate America.

Happy birthday Lauren.

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