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Inspired? DIY Home Office

The "before" - a pantry closet.

The "after" - a small home office

Never say you don’t have the space for your own home office. Valerie and Roger had to convert their second bedroom that was being used as a home office into a nursery. The solution? Convert a small pantry into a dedicated space for the home computer. You may sacrifice storage for other home items, but don’t sacrifice the fun in your design. For more images and info, check out the original story that ran on Design*Sponge.

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For inspiration – Jen Bilik’s Home Office

Knock Knock founder Jen Bilik's Home Office

Knock Knock! Who’s there? …Not that type of knock knock. Jen Bilik, founder of the publishing house and stationers Knock Knock, has sold her Mar Vista home, but her beautiful DIY projects are kept in tact online at Design*Sponge. Take special note of her home office. This simple to replicate workstation is a great way of adding clean lines and modernity with a bold choice of color. I truly appreciate a straight work desk that allows you to view your computer monitor without a tilt or angle. I’m not of fan of corner placements of computers because of the odd sitting situation – just my preference. The wall-mount Artemide task lights are great as are the random tacked artwork placed above the desk. I hope this provides you some inspiration to be creative with your work place.

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Photo Wall – Another Great Home Office

Justin & Michelle Demers' Home Office

Justin & Michelle Demers are photographers with their own studio/business in Toronto, Canada. Living in a small 700sf space, they have carved out a special place to call home. With a self-described mix of clean and comfort, their pad appears much larger; Perhaps its because of their use of simple clean furnishings, or their bold use of vibrant splashes of color. For example, their home office is in the mix of the main living space, marked by the turquoise wall and simple white worksurface. Take note of the clever artwork they have created. Using a series of vertical cable lines, they have posted many of their own family vacation c-prints. Such a simple concept, yet a bold impression. What makes this design work is the bold backdrop color, the random vertical lines created by the cables and photographs, plus the clean work desk (get rid of the clutter, especially if living in these tight spaces). Be sure to check out the entire set of home pics on Design*Sponge for the Demers great taste and design.

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Good Ole George – Modern Touch

George in his Americana gold frame.

George after Tyler Goodro's modern reprise.

Design*Sponge is another great design blog with inspiration for your home and, occasionally, for the office (forgive me if I have already mentioned this blog on this site – it’s really that good to mention again). Here’s one prime example of a junky antique store find updated with a modern twist for contemporary living. Submitted by Tyler Goodro of Plastolux, the tacky old gold frame with plexiglass was treated to an artful redo including new glass. Every time I enter an antique shop, I always find similar pieces just like this. Now I’m inspired to try my hand at something that makes for a contemporary reinterpretation for my office. With a little acrylic paint and the time and patience, you too can have a modern one-of-a-kind. Just avoid the urge to buy the picture with the dogs playing pool.

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